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local_library A History Of Hampshire Including The Isle Of Wight
Hampshire history from Prehistoric times to the late 19th century.
T W Shore   1892   295
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A History Of Hampshire Including The Isle Of Wight

The history of every county has been affected to some extent by its natural features, and this is especially the case in respect to that county whose history is sketched in this volume.

The County of Southampton or Hampshire has been much favoured by nature, and its natural advantages must have commended it to its early inhabitants, whose connection with it are traced in these pages.

Hampshire is, and always has been, a woodland county, and its forests have been much concerned with its history. The materials for the History of Hampshire are more abundant than those of most English counties, as will be seen in the following pages.

local_library A History Of Salisbury
Salisbury and its villages described through influences and antiquieties.
E E Dorling   1911   202
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A History Of Salisbury

We have boldly written A History of Salisbury on the title-page of this little book, although in truth that name seems too grandiloquent for so small and unaspiring an effort. Yet we are fain to hope that there may be nothing repellent in so proud a title.

Dip into our book, turn its modest pages and you shall find there no formidable string of dates, no lists of names of dead and forgotten worthies, no collection of dry-as-dust bric-a-brac, but a guide to simple facts, a handbook to tell you something of the beauties and the antiquities of this city, along with such necessary information as to its history as may perhaps elucidate the position from which we view it.

local_library A History Of Southampton
A History of Southampton taken from the town records
Rev J Silvester Davies   1883   561
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A History Of Southampton

During a residence of several years in the immediate neighbourhood of Southampton free access to the Town Records was given me by the courtesy of the town authorities, of which I availed myself as opportunities offered.

Towards the close of 1877 it was suggested by the present publishers that I should undertake a history of the town, or at least, on obtaining permission, should edit the MS. of Dr. Speed's History among the Southampton Archives, continuing the work, and adding such matter as should bring it into conformity
with present knowledge.

local_library A Manual of British Coleoptera or Beetles
British Coleoptera (beetles), a brief description of all known species.
James Francis Stephens   1839   474
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A Manual of British Coleoptera or Beetles

James Francis Stephens (1792-1853)

A manual of British Coleoptera, or beetles; containing a brief description of all the species of beetles hitherto ascertained to inhabit Great Britain and Ireland; together with a notice of their chief localities, times and places of appearances.

From the author: In this collection are included, in fine condition, the original specimens described in the "Coleoptera Britannica" of Marsham, and also by far the greater portion of those subsequently named or monographed by Kirby and Leach. As well as of all the obscure species described by Haworth in "Lepidoptera Britannica".

local_library A New Guide To Lymington
A description of Lymington and the wider forest through local journeys.
A Resident Gentleman   1841   145
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A New Guide To Lymington

This work had its origin in a book published circa 1790, entitled 'A Companion in a Tour Round Lymington,' by the Rev J Warner.

This, in the course of years, having become entirely obsolete, and almost forgotten, was made the foundation of the first edition of the present work, being altered and re-arranged so as to suit the changes and improvements which had been gradually taking place.

The town of Lymington is situated on the south-west-coast of Hampshire, at the extremity of the New Forest; through which lies the principal road leading from it to Southampton. Few spots in the kingdom can boast a greater portion of picturesque views, or beautiful and romantic scenery


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