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local_library A Guide To The Coasts Of Hants And Dorset
The topography of coastal towns and villages 30 years before the motor car.
Mackenzie Walcott   1859   188
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A Guide To The Coasts Of Hants And Dorset

A Guide To The Coasts Of Hants And Dorset by Mackenzie Walcott details the towns, villages and places of interest from Portsmouth in the East, through the Isle of Wight to Lyme Regis in the West.

The New Forest is represented and includes descriptions of walks, and rides along with journeys by rail and water. Interesting areas include Buckland Rings and Southampton's ancient walls.

From the author: "....We would hope that our pages pointing out the objects of real interest, and recalling those events and men which have given life, and the modes of thought which have imparted a romance to places, that may meet a welcome from the reader."

local_library Antiquarian And Topographical Sketches Of Hampshire
Antiquities and topography of Southern Hampshire in the late 19th Century.
Henry Moody   1846   437
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Antiquarian And Topographical Sketches Of Hampshire

A description of antiquities around Southern Hampshire and The New Forest dated 1846.

From the Author: "The following Sketches, which were originally written for, and appeared in the Hampshire Advertiser Newspaper, have assumed their present form in compliance with the expressed wishes of many of their readers. Since their first publication, they have been carefully revised, and extended, so as to embrace a notice of every parish within the limits of the county."

Hampshire, or, according to legal documents, the County ot Southampton, is the eighth of the counties of England in respect to extent, and fifteenth as regard population.

local_library Beauties Of England And Wales, Vol 6, Hampshire
Historical topography. Vol 6 includes Hampshire
Edward Wedlake Brayley   1805   628
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Beauties Of England And Wales, Vol 6, Hampshire

From the text: A very considerable proportion of Hampshire is occupied by the Forest of Alice Holt and Woolmer, the Forest of Bere, and the New Forest.

The New Forest is particularly celebrated in history. Its present appellation has an evident reference to the alteration made in its extent by the Conqueror, but a more ancient name of this district was Itene, or Y Thene: it was also called Natanleod, from the British chieftain, who was here conquered by Cerdic, the founder of the West Saxon Monarchy.

The Mineral productions of Hampshire are but few, and those mostly confined to the cliffs on the sea coast, particularly in the neighbourhood of Lymington, Hordwell, and Christchurch.

local_library Buy English Acres
Help and Advice to buying land at the turn of the twentieth century
William Andrews   1899   266
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Buy English Acres

This is the first and second editions combined. So has been extended from the original 55 pages to the complete work here of 266 pages.

From the author: In this small book I am making but brief references to a few points of interest to the general public touching the acquisition of land.

From the text: A purchaser of land has an object in his purchase. If he buys for income, he must not be too particular to insist on beauty; if he buys for occupation he must make the basis of value a correspondence between the advantages the property possesses, and his requirements. If he buys for speculation he must consider the prospective results by development whether it be in minerals, or ground rents, or anything else; but if he buys for luxury he must regard it then from an aesthetic standpoint.

local_library Hampshire Days
The people both gentry and peasantry, the places, wildlife and seasons.
William Henry Hudson   1903   433
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Hampshire Days

William Henry Hudson (1841-1922) Author, naturalist and ornithologist.

From the author: The greater part of the matter contained in this volume has not appeared before. In the first half of the book use has been made of an article on "Summer in the Forest" from Longman's Magazine. In the second half I have drawn on articles from the same periodical, on "A Summers End on the lichen". I have also made use of an article from the Badminton Magazine.

From the text: Hornet and Bank-Vole: Wishing to see more, I spent most of that day and the day following at the spot, and saw hornet and vole meet many times. If the vole was at the sap when the hornet came he was at once driven off, and when the hornet was there first the vole was never allowed to feed....


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